Simplifying Data Privacy and Encryption

We are simplifying data privacy and encryption with our innovative and novel data containers we call nuts based on our Zero Trust Data framework.

Our goal

  • Simplify encryption to a simple password-less  'drag and drop' experience.

  • Seamless file and message sharing integrated with your secured documents.

  • Provide tools to help comply with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and more.


The NUTS Ecosystem secures and manages all your data locally, in the cloud, across a supply chain, or in any combination. The NUTS decentralized architecture places data locally where it is always available, confidential, authentic and free from network disruptions. In this Work-From-Home era, NUTS provides unparalleled Data Loss Protection and Data Resilience features.

Introduction to a data container

Individuals, Sole Proprietors and SMB

A desktop solution for the privacy, encryption, and secure sharing of your data

NutManager: A next generation secure networked file manager


A nut is body armor for your data. A nut protects a data object using cryptography saved as a file. It’s like a portable safe for your data which can hold anything like contact info, keys, crypto, passwords, document, spreadsheet, database, movie, picture(s), file system or even an operating system.

NUTS Technologies ecosystem and nut data structure is an investment into the protection of your corporate data and intellectual property. Our Zero Trust Data approach ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our API offering provides the same product features of as our NutManager offering including password-less encryption, data resiliency, and location agnostic system.

As an embedded solution into company processes and platforms, it can reduce tool sets, provide non-repudiation and compliance.  

API Ecosystem for the Enterprise

Integrate and Innovate