About Us

Privacy is the natural state of being human.

We strive to provide the best technology for data protection and privacy for a positive social impact. Envision a future where individuals control their data and exert their natural right to privacy.


Our Story

NUTS Technologies® is a Data Privacy company that approaches Data as the Endpoint™. NUTS represents a 5th Generation Security technology that brings the security perimeter down to the data layer.

Its novel data-centric design is like body armor for data. Its Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default features are cemented into its foundations. Using its secure data container called a nut, NUTS provides a wide range of cybersecurity and data management features that integrate and scale in ways once thought impossible.

NUTS is engineered down to the message layer to provide Security in a consistent way at all scales. Due to its full-stack, top-down and bottoms-up designs, it adapts to advances in applied cryptography therefore it is future proof.

NUTS® addresses the oldest, hardest problems in applied cryptography and data management. NUTS® sets the stage for a brighter digital future for all.


Advantages of using NUTS®

  1. Reduce the number of cybersecurity tools in use. 

  2. Provide consistent security profiles across hybrid cross-cloud environments. 

  3. Assert and manage security profiles on data across heterogeneous supply chain participants. 

  4. Mitigate phishing and spam vectors using the NUTS trust-based relationship model. 

Meet The Team


Nick Bennig (Developer), Sotirios Triantafillou (Product), and Yoon Auh (CEO) have been working together for over 10 years in information systems design and development.


Yoon Auh, CISSP, is the founder and CEO of NUTS Technologies® Inc., a midwestern cybersecurity startup. He holds multiple US patents around structured security and structured cryptography. His firm is breaking new grounds in applying structured security and cryptography at the data layer.


He graduated from Columbia College in NYC with a BA in Physics and a BS in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia School of Engineering. Yoon’s prior career was in finance and technology culminating to a successful career as Head Trader for several world class financial firms.

Our Clients