Enterprise Solutions

Implement a Zero Trust Data solution for your enterprise

Implement a Zero Trust Data solution by utilizing our API framework and create endless amounts of portable data containers with built-in controls for your organization, supply chain, and customers.

Integrate and Innovate


Integrate into your existing data management solution, processes, or solution offerings to your customers


  • Integrate seamless document sharing and syncing with your customers

  • Utilize our trust based relationship per individual

  • A cipher agnostic container that is post-quantum ready

  • Implement controls that carry with the data

  • Embed privacy, actionable metadata, classifications, tagging and more within the container

  • Non-repudiation

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Our hybrid cloud storage solution offers 

  • Ideal for your road warriors that are mostly offline and need to keep local copies of corporate data and can attest and assure protection

  • Manage and secure your data that resides in your hybrid workforce

  • Utilize our storage solution and integrate it with your preferred cloud vendor or private cloud

Abstract Lines

Decentralized and distributed

  • Decentralized and distributed architecture

  • Does not require a central server or reference monitor

  • No third party dependencies

  • Host private routers on premises and in the cloud