Small and Medium sized business solutions

Need a secure all-in-one data management solution?

Our NM platform offers data management, privacy, and security all from one platform

  • Simplify encryption to a simple password-less  'drag and drop' experience

  • Seamless file and message sharing

  • Worry free data backups

  • Hybrid cloud integration

  • Insider Threat and Ransomware mitigation all from one platform

Customer Service Rep

Take it further and protect your customers for free as well...

Pass along the same level of data protection and privacy to your customers as well.

  • NM is available for free to your customers to use with a site license.

  • Piece of mind that your customer or corporate data is protected on your customers end as well.

  • Save money, time, and reduce the number of you need to implement, integrate, manage, and train.

Compliance and data privacy best practices

  • Unify your secure messages with their respective documents that are shared - track and manage messages associated with documents easily.

  • Gain control of your data - ensure your customers and users can access the same data even if it is lost or damaged.

  • Data lifecycle management - automate the secure transmission of your data to cloud, online, and off line storage.

  • Information lifecycle management - manage, maintain, replicate, erase, recover, and control your files from different sources like applications, computer failures, ransomware attacks, user errors, and cloud outages.

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